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Back to Listing | 1 Side > 250-310gsm Card > 1 Side Name Card, Custom Size (250gsm - 310gsm)
1 Side Name Card, Custom Size (250gsm - 310gsm)
1 Side Name Card, Custom Size (250gsm - 310gsm)

* Lamination & round corner temporary unavailable for name card.

"All orders from our eshop is under normal production lead time. Any URGENT orders please email to".

All prices are inclusive of GST
Prices subject to change without prior notice


1 to 9 boxes SGD 14.90/box (Per Name Only)
10 to 14 boxes SGD 13.30/box (Per Name Only)
15 to 19 boxes SGD 12.80/box (Per Name Only)
20 to 29 boxes SGD 12.30/box (Per Name Only)
30 boxes SGD 11.70/box (Per Name Only)
Other Quantity:

Product Description

For this product, please contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to guide you and to assist you with your queries.


  • Please submit printing file according to our Name Card Artwork Specification.

  • We shall not take reponsibility for any dissatisfactory on final product, that the printing file was not done according to our Name Card Artwork Specification. Neither complaint nor rejection will be entertained.

  • Name card should include Name/Phone/Address.  Cards with name card size without the above information Will be considered normal Printing cards.

 Material: 250gsm Linen Card/ 250gsm White Card/ 260gsm Artcard/ 310gsm Artcard
 Round Corner: Without Round Corner/ 1 Corner/ 2 Corners/ 3 Corners/ 4 Corners
 Lamination: Yes/ No
  • All prices based on per name charge, customers are not allowed to combine names for total quantity price. All prices are subject to changes without prior notice.
  • Please bleed 25mm all round. Example: business card size is 90x54mm, please make it (95x59mm) as 5mm around the trim size will be trimmed off.
  • Customer can choose from our various types of materials for name cards printing. (250gsm Linen card, 260/310gsm artcard and 250gsm white card. For 330gsm white card, an additional SGD 1.00 surcharge per box applies).
  • There are a +/- 5pcs of business cards due to production losses. There should be 95-105pcs per box and this shall not be a reason for return/refund.
  • Production lead time: A) 1-2 working days for name cards without lamination. B) 2-3 working days for name cards with lamination and round corners.
  • Quantity indication: If a customer is ordering more than 1 design, please indicate no. of design X quantity. (eg. 3 designs X 200pcs each).
  • Please also indicate on the email that name card is in full color 1 side printing or full color 2 sides printing. This is to prevent misunderstanding whereby we only received 1 side of the file instead of both sides.
Artcard, White Card & Linen Card material color comparison.
Material: 250gsm Linen Card
Material: 250gsm White Card
Material: 260gsm Artcard
Material: 310gsm Artcard

Singapore’s most talk about name card printer

For exceptional name card printing in Singapore, look no further than The One Inkjet. Here they provide professional services to meet your printing needs. Our clients are able to choose from a variety of name card materials- one of which is linen cards used for white cards. The One Inkjet is also one of the more popular printers with vast knowledge and expertise when come to delivers on quality name card for all our customers’ needs.
With our highly experienced and motivated staff, The One Inkjet is able to deliver extraordinary and competent name card printing Singapore enterprises will find exceeding satisfaction in. Since we prioritize the building of relationships, we provide continued care and support specifically catered to your specific designations. Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, your business cards will look nothing short of polished and professional. At the end of our services, it will be clear that The One Inkjet is a company that provides name card printing Singapore businesses decidedly require for printing of superb quality name cards marked at price competitive rates alongside first-class service.


Enjoy Superb Printing of Business Cards in Singapore

Be it either Corporate or individuals in search of good printing services for business cards here in Singapore, one will not be disappointed with The One Inkjet’s production and services. While it can be difficult to get a hold of a printing company that produces outstanding services, The One Inkjet can guarantee you lowest prices and overall satisfaction.

Printing business cards in Singapore is an imperative step in extolling professionalism and be taken seriously by other companies. Name card materials that we offer range from the premium spot UV, luxurious paper stocks that come from quality European suppliers to white linen. Printing business cards in Singapore will not be the same again with The One Inkjet’s full range of materials and top-quality cards sure to make you more than satisfied with our exceptional service..